The Experience

More than a Challenge !

International & Local Artists

Get ready to enjoy great parties during the evenings. Three nights with three different themes and locations are planned, entertained by famous international and moroccan artists.

More than a Challenge !


Traditional Music and Dance

After effort comes comfort. The drums of the desert will take you to a mystic dimension. The diversity of the Moroccan music will leave you bewitched. The Gnaoua music is the desert way to get you into a trance for the night. You will enjoy crazy parties on the nomad rythms.


The region of Merzouga will surprise you by its history, culture, architecture and way of life. You will have the opportunity to visit the Ksours (berber castles) of the Ziz Valley and the traditional open-air Market of Rissani. The Ksours will surprise you with their unique medieval architecture and you will be amazed by the Oasis way of life.


Art and Local Products

Merzouga is famous for its many treasures from fossils to crystals and from the nomadic dresses and scarfs to the delicious mejhool dates. You will be delighted by the food and handicrafts that will make you feel out of place.

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