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Thank you to our sponsors who help make our Desert Viking Challenge a success. Their expertise and financial support is a key element to our planning and logistics.

Our Partners

Desert Viking Festival would not be possible without the backing of our partners who support us financially and contribute high-interest events to the festival.

Our collaborators come from all branches of the non-corporate and corporate organisations, and we are very proud to be able to put our name next to theirs. We owe special thanks to the following:

Our Sponsors

The Desert Viking Society would like to acknowledge the generous support of the following corporate sponsors.

We rely on local and national businesses to help us to ‘Build the bridge between Scandinavia and Morocco’ and we encourage you to support the businesses that support our mission!

Desert Viking Marketing Reach

The exceptional media coverage of the first edition reinforces our strong ambitions for the second edition (from October 3 to 7, 2019), which includes enrichment of the program through a photography contest, opportunities to connect Moroccan and Scandinavian associations working in a common goal and a prize rewarding eco-responsible behaviour.

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