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À Propos de l’Évènement

If you choose Full Package ¨

In Desert Viking Challenge Full Package, we are providing you the best, comfortable and fast way to go to Merzouga, a Both ways flight of 45min from Casabalanca to Errachidia. And from there you will join the groups in air conditioned and comfortable buses.

If you choose other packages:

Beside booking your own flight tickets with Local Flight – Royal Air Maroc

You can rent your own car,

Or there is a confortable bus soupratours from Fes derectly Merzouga and also there is another from Merzouga to Marakech

The web site for the bus information is:

Yes they are and many, if you would like to camp and still join Desert Viking Challenge, you can choose one of our packages Experience Pass or Challenge Pass.

We can also provide you information and help, please contact us

Desert Viking Challenge is organized by professionals and taking you to the most protected and safest places, however if you decide to keep travelling after the challenge:

Morocco is a pretty safe country that can be navigated with a bit of common sense, but there are a few things to be aware of:

  • Getting lost in winding medina streets
  • Getting hassled by unofficial guides (known as ‘faux guides’)

Kids Safety:

Moroccan society is a very family-oriented one and you will be sure to witness that especially when you travel to Morocco with your family and young children. Family is the priority for Moroccans and children are typically spoiled rotten by elder relatives, being able to stay up later than is customary in the West and allowed to play freely indoors and on the streets.

When you travel with your little ones, you may then notice a friendlier attitude from the locals with people frequently coming up to you and admiring your children, affectionately caressing or possibly kissing their cheeks, inviting you in to their shops and cafés, and even offering free tea. This is all friendly behavior and you should not feel uncomfortable or unsafe about it. Morocco has an extremely child-friendly culture and bringing your little ones along on your journey may even be an advantage for you to interact with the locals and explore the Moroccan way of life first hand.

If you are not living in Morocco

If you are living in Morocco

À Propos du Challenge

People of all ages will be participating in the Desert Viking Challenge.  If your not in good shape, maybe you should train a little so you don’t hurt yourself.  Also, it’s just more healthy to be in shape!  Any ability level can walk or  run in the event.  You can stop and take a rest during the course if you want.  Remember, we have medical personnel available throughout the day but it is a good idea to be in shape for this challenge.

Every effort has been taken to make it a safe, fun day for everyone. There will be a medical tent for first aid along with paramedics and an ambulance on site throughout the event. However, challengers participate at their own risk.

  • Your photo ID (required at packet pick-up).
  • A change of clothes.
  • Sun screen.
  • Cash for food and drink. There will be an ATM cash machine onsite too!

It will be a blast if it does, and even better if it doesn’t.  Either way, you’re getting muddy, dirty, wet, and tired if you participate.  Spectators may want to have rain gear.  Rain gear is available for sale at the event.

Yes, drinking water for participants has been provided by one of our sponsors. It will be available along the course at designated water/first aid stations.  We will have volunteers stationed at each medical station with tables of water available to runners and walkers.

À Propos de l’Expérience

  • Desert adventure
  • Atv quad riding
  • Camel riding
  • Horse riding
  • Sandboarding
  • Hammam & Spa
  • Moroccan cooking classes
  • Sightseeing
  • Off-roading
  • Camping with Nomades
  • Barbecue
  • Camel Milk
  • Desert and local Parties and after parties

Yes, Alcohol is allowed in hotels and some restaurants, our partners are providing alcohol and that’s one of our first enquiries. But as Morocco is a Muslim country, people are not allowed to drink alcohol in public space.

DVC experience will take you to try the real Moroccan cuisine, we are planning a food program which will give our participants the opportunity to taste all the delicious Moroccan meals, as well as providing them all kind of information regarding the meal, as the history, the ingredients and the way how to make it.

In case you are tried of local food, you can order international meals as Burgers, Pizzas, Steaks and salads.

Of course, all our hotels are 4 to 5 stars hotels, therefore air conditional is available in the Kasbahs Rooms. The tents in the desert are not equipped with air conditional, However in October the temperature is not going to be high in Merzouga. October is considered as one of the best timing to visit the region.

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