Meet Desert Viking 2018 Ambassadors

Wow. What a momentous experience! Thanks to the support of our influencers, sponsors, partners and everyone who made Desert Viking Festival 2018, the first event of its kind in Morocco a HUGE SUCCESS!

Relive the fun YOU experienced with this highlight video. Sports Challenges, Be it Concerts, Meet & Greet Sessions, Yoga Workshops, Latte Art Sessions or even Live Mobile Game Matches, we’re pretty sure everyone had something to take away from this event!

Our Ambassadors

Our 2018 Ambassadors


  • Till Dalling is a German influencer specializing in fitness and nutrition.
  • Daniel Overbeck is a Danish photographer blogger.
  • Amine Ouizid & Sophia Belkamel are a couple of Crossfit athletes.
  • Les Fit Kho,
  • Ghalia Benabdallah is a young lifestyle influencer from Rabat, Morocco
  • Jumping Maroc ” Loubna Eddamanhoury proudly represents the practice
    of jumping in Morocco, a sports training on trampoline.
  • Camille Wagner is a Danish fitness trainer and fit blogger
  • Harakatso or Sophia Touti is a Moroccan fit blogger particularly popular since she has her own sports show on 2M.
  • Salma, My Workout Routine, is a young fit blogger from Marrakech
  • Jan Teller is an international athletes photographer. Globally recognized for his work

Our Ambassadors

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